By Diana Black

Cheryl K. Woods and Marshall B. Shelor are the two newest members of the Co-op. They have received member numbers 355 and 356, respectively.

We look forward to meeting you soon, Cheryl, at one of our membership meetings or showcases. Welcome!

Marshall Shelor wrote me that since he does not "write a lot of songs or try to perform them," he is hoping that is not a condition for membership. Absolutely not, Marshall.

Your statement that you "enjoy meeting and being around people with similar interests" is one of the most popular reasons our members have for joining.

Glad you have joined us, Marshall, and look forward to seeing you one Monday night real soon!

Very often new members have questions concerning the organization or the music industry in general; please feel free to call me at 502-893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page with biographical information.

Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known."


Let's not forget to thank those members who signed on for another year: Rusty Bladen, Bob Bush, Donna Cary, Martha Pillow and Jack Roberts.