"More Fun Than A Barrel of Jelly Donuts": Elvis

By Karen Le Van

Several years ago while visiting Maggie Cavender at Nashville Songwriters Association International's office in Nashville, I noticed a crazy poster of two guys dressed like women. The Duds – Nairobi and Wilhemina – were the names they went by, I think. The poster was a scream and, as I found out later, so were the two guys behind the guise.

Pinkard and Bowden, the; comedy duo from Louisiana and Texas, now based in Nashville, have been making people laugh for over eight years. "Everybody thought we'd be a flash in the pan," says Pinkard."And we're here eight years down the line," added Bowden, "and we still don't have a pan to flash in." '

Their comedy is done via song parodies of top hits. "Mama She's Lazy" is one that did make. the airways. Much of their material is a little too, shall we say, "expressive" to make the radio, but it must be what the people want to hear. Pinkard and Bowden play to SRO crowds almost everywhere they go.

Because I did not arrive at the Funny Farm on time, my reservations for the April 25 show were voided. I rescheduled for the fo1lowing night.

(Helpful hint: When they tell you to be thereby. 8:15, they mean it, especially when a top act is performing.)

Sandy Pinkard and Richard Bowden aren't just funny guys, they're great songwriters and performers with some very impressive credentials. The first time I saw Sandy Pinkard was at an NSAI Seminar in Nashville when he won Song of the Year award for "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma." He stood out in that crowd that night, too, wearing a red bandana with his tux. He has also. written other classics such as "Coca Cola Cowboy" and the Anne Murray hit, "Blessed Are the Believers."

Richard Bowden and his childhood friend, Don Henley, left Linden, Texas, to pursue a career in music on the West Coast in a group called Shiloh. After their frst album, Shiloh's nucleus joined Linda Ronstadt and Henley joined the Eagles.

Bowden went on tour with Ronstadt and recorded two albums. Through the Seventies Bowden worked with Dan Fogelberg, Roger McGuinn, Stevie Nicks, Commander Cody, Doug Kershaw and a tour with the Eagles with his band Blue Steel.

Richard and Sandy got together with the help of Jim Ed Norman in Nashville.' Now, eight years later, they have three albums on the Warner Bros. label to their credit: 1983's Writers in Disguise and their 1985 recording, PG 13, which featured such, crazy songs as "Elvis Was A Narc," The Ballad of Dick and Jane," and my favorite, "Don't Pet the Dog." Their current album is titled Live In Front of A Bunch of D-ckh–ds.

As their promo package reads, "If you're lucky they're offending in a major city near you." If they are, be sure to catch the show.

For a change of pace from your regular evening-out routine, visit the Funny Farm in the Mid-City Mall or Legends Comedy Club in the Hurstbourne Hotel. You'll be entertained by some of the funniest comedians in the country.

P.S. Don't be late.