Rules For Monthly Publishers Song Competion

To submit a song to the monthly judging for material to go to publishers, you must:

A:) Be a current member of the LASC.

B. Have judged material submitted by other LASC writers. Material is judged by a panel of LASC members. You may sign up at any of the LASC meetings.

C. Submit no more that three songs per month.

D. Put each song on a separate tape. If you submit three songs, there will be three tapes.

E. Submit a typed lyric sheet, one song per sheet. If you submit three songs, you must submit three lyric sheets.

F. Include you name, address and telephone number on the lyric sheet, as well as the copyright notice with your name and date the song was created. (If this is confusing to you, please ask a Board member for clarification.

Failure to follow these rules will result in you song not being accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!