Youth Performing Arts School Inks Deal with Kentucky Kingdom for Summer Performances

The Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS) has signed an agreement with Kentucky Kingdom to use YPAS' students in the amusement park's summer entertainment, according to Principal Beverly Keepers.

Keepers said that the agreement was very exciting, because YPAS students would be able to live at home while working, rather than having to live away while working at other amusement parks around the country, as had been the practice previously.

The YPAS students will be performing in a pair of shows written by YPAS teachers. "American Times Express" will feature material written in the styles of Broadway, Jazz, Motown and New York, while "Old West Saloon" will be about the Old West. Both shows were written by Tim Murner and Mike Eger.

The students will earn approximately $170 a week while working. The shows will be staged from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

On June 8, parents of the participating YPAS students will be able to attend the shows for free.