Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

Ronni Lundy's ten years and eight months of conscientious, love-laboring, affectionate, heart-warming, enlightening and often critical music commentary for The Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times has evidently come to an end.

I have never personally met Ms. Lundy, but I've heard her speak at an LASC meeting and I've read many of her articles in the C-J Saturday Scene. One paragraph from an article she wrote describing John Prine's songwriting in the November 26, 1988, Scene:

"He watches and writes with the best qualities of a brilliant journalist. His eye misses nothing. His instinct for telling details is flawless. His crust is a sour and crunchy cynicism. His heart is soft as a baby's look."

She has been my favorite music writer in the C-J for quite some time and I will miss not finding her name, as I have often searched for in the past, knowing that her signature gives an article a genuine sincerity I enjoy.

She says in her farewell to the reading public recently in the C-J Scene that "I'm passing the pen and notebook on."

All I can say to you, Ronni, is that you're too good to quit altogether. I'm sure you've listened intently through many concerts, albums, etc., which in some cases may have been difficult to hold the interest for a brilliant journalist's commentary. However, I do hope that hunger to write will bring you back soon.