Letters to the Editor

Saddened by death of Esco Hankins

I would like to say on your behalf that I think you do have a great music magazine.

I always look forward to reading about a lot of my old friends in the area covered by your publication.

I was indeed saddened by the news of the death of the great Esco Hankins.

Esco and Jackie recorded on my Jewel label‘ here in Cincinnati starting in 1961 and all the way through to the 90s. Esco always had a smile on his face and a good word for everyone in the business.

He will surely be missed.

Rusty York, Owner

Jewel Records

Cincinnati, OH 45231

(Thanks for those kind words. Glad you enjoy our paper. -Editor.)

Former Toulouse band member enjoys keeping in touch with "the city and musicians I truly hated to leave.”

I want to thank you for my continuing reception of the Louisville Music News. It is always a joy to find the latest edition in my mailbox since it gives me a chance to keep up on what's happening with my friends in the River City.

You may or may not remember mention of myself and my former band “Toulouse." I relocated to Austin in August of 1988 in order to pursue my music on more of a national scale. Imagine my shock at seeing some version of "Toulouse" still working the clubs up there, as mentioned in yotu fine newspaper.

If there is anything I can ever do for you folks (such as guiding a correspondent, around the South by Southwest Music Festival, any reporting on events or the music business in Texas, etc.), please let me know. You might also mention in your paper that I will be glad to provide information to any musicians visiting or moving here. There are literally hundreds of bands in this town, as well as dozens of clubs, rehearsal halls, studios, small record labels, etc. All in all, a fascinating change of pace. For all of the superb musicians there are in Louisville, it's too bad there isn't more of a support infrastructure for them. The industry here is not as extensive as New York or L.A., but then we have better Tex-Mex cooking .... ..

My current band ("Ed Michaels and Soul Kitchen") are recording an EP next month which will be released on one of the independent labels based in Austin and I anticipate touring to support, the record both in the States and in Europe in 1991-92. I will try to route the tour through Louisville (assuming we have distribution of the record up there) so that I can say hello to Rick DeBow, Bob Ramsey and all my other ex-partners in crime and mayhem.

Until then, thank you again for keeping me in touch with the city and musicians I truly hated to leave.

Ed Michaels (Ed Kliman)

Austin, TX 78660

(We appreciate those kind remarks. Thanks. We decided to print your letter in its entirety as we feel many of our readers would enjoy hearing all you have (written.