By Diana Black


March 4 -- Rob Brown from Far Out Music will demo PG Music Band-In-A-Box on an Atari 1040STE system. If all this sounds like "computer stuff" to you, well, it is. BUT don't let that keep you from this meeting. Whether you have a computer or not, you will find this demo very interesting and informative.

March 18 -- Critique session. Please bring 10 lyric sheets along with your tune on cassette.


By Diana Black

It was a dark and stormy night. (Hey, it works for Snoopy . . . )

The mind cannot help but wonder what might have happened if, after partaking of their repast on the evening of Monday, February 4, unsuspecting dinner patrons of the Rud had braved the suspiciously closed door of the adjoining listening room. Per chance would they have found themselves suddenly transported into the magical songwriting collaboration world of Rodgers and Hart, Lerner and Loewe, Bacharach and David, Lennon and McCartney?

Well... no... but LASC members Dockery, Dee and Roberts; Barger, Colon and Graf; Standiford, Le Van and friend; Trammell, Metcalfe and Bland; Walls and Morris; Furlong and Mudd were sure co-writing up a storm.

And, as often happens during these scheduled co-writing meetings, some of the ideas and songs developed that evening will go on to be completed by the "teams" on their own time.

(Writers, don't forget we want to hear those finished tunes!)

Which brings us to the one drawback these get-togethers have: the time passes too quickly. Gardner Barger has an excellent suggestion that we keep announcements and such to a bare minimum on nights we have collaboration so that we have more time to work.

So all you members out there looking for co-writers, be sure to check the meeting schedule each month in the Letter to find out when we'll get the creative juices flowing again.