By Diana Black

(Remember that it was just a coincidence the first meeting of the month fell on April Fools' Day... Or was it?)

Through no fault of his own, Jeffrey Lee Puckett was unable to make our first meeting in April. (Please note that he will be at our June 3rd meeting!!) And perhaps that worked out for the best as we had to hold our meeting in the restaurant of the Rudyard; the owners had scheduled another group in the listening room, our regular meeting spot.

Well, April or not, LASC members ain't no fools when it comes to rising to the occasion! As it turned out, under Prez Paul's direction, we had a great discussion concerning how to go about getting original material aired on local radio stations.

A committee to review "radio ready" tapes will soon be established; the intent being to compile several half-hour programs to submit to stations such as WTMT, WAVG and WFPL. Much planning and organizing is necessary to pull this off successfully, but the ground work laid during this meeting was excellent.

"Doc" Dockery, Joyce Trammell and Tim Lynch have already begun work, and catch phrases such as "Radio Ready" and "S.O.S." (Send Original Songs) have started the ball rolling. It became very obvious members need to be getting tunes ready now; this thing's gonna take off! (Interested in getting in on the ground floor? Call Joyce at 502-955-6841 or me at 502-893-0693.)