Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

· Wink O'Bannon of Women Who Love Candy has picked up a temporary gig as the second guitarist with Eleventh Dream Day on their European tour. No word on how long the job will last.

· Members of the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra got to do a little international traveling, courtesy of the Kentucky Department of Tourism. Joe Burch, Leslie Witten, Steve May, Patrick Fitzgerald, Rob Mitchum and John Goodin traveled first to Buffalo, New York, where they performed Jim Bates' arrangements of several Stephen Foster tunes for 250 tour operators, as well as a large variety of other pieces. In Buffalo, they played Goodin's "Louisville Suite." They then went to Toronto and repeated the performance for 50 media types.

The purpose of the trip, of course, was to promote Kentucky and Kentucky music.

There were some (somewhat) amusing episodes that came about entirely because the members of the group were (gasp) musicians – including having their luggage searched at the border. Patrick Fitzgerald, that maniac, managed to get himself ejected from a mall in Toronto for having too much fun. Fitzgerald was throwing paper airplanes. (Patrick, quit that stuff!)

· Robbie Bartlett has gotten together a new band, Robbie Bartlett and Company. Backing her are Greg Newton on guitar, Mike Williams on bass, and Gary Grizzle (drummer for Mark Stein and Steamrollers) on drums. The quartet is primarily doing Latin, jazz standards and blues. Robbie is the sister of crooner Rick Bartlett.

· WFPL's Scott Mullins and Lisa Spears tied the knot on Saturday, April 20 at the Broadway Baptist Church. Da Mudcats played the reception and even Jim Rosen had on a fancy suit. Best wishes, Scott.

· John Roy, President of the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians, and Rocky Adcock, business manager, recently attended the 7th Annual Mid-States Conference of the A F of M affiliates. Adcock said that they talked up the development of the Louisville music scene.

· Elsewhere in this issue, there is a story about yer Humble Correspondent closing down an open stage of some duration. After five and a half years, what am I going to do on Monday nights? My wife had a suggestion . . .

Have a fun Derby, gang. See you next month.

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