Monday Night Open Stage to Close April 29

Louisville's longest-running Open Stage, the Monday Night Open Stage at the Rudyard Kipling, will close out its run on Monday, April 29.

LASC President Paul Moffett announced his decision to cease hosting the event at the April meeting of the Board of Directors.

"After five and a half years of showing up every Monday night," said Moffett, "it's gotten to be a chore. I want to play more music than I have been able to on Mondays." The Open Stage began at the Rudyard in late September of 1985, after having existed as a jam session in Moffett's living room.

There have been as many musicians signing up to play as ever, according to Moffett, in spite of the competition from numerous other open stages and writer's nights around town.

"If there weren't so many other places to play," Moffett noted, "I would probably continue, but I really don't think that I will be leaving anyone without someplace to showcase their material."

The Board of Directors informally agreed to cease sponsoring the event when it became clear that there would not be a replacement.