Format: LP, Cassette, CD

By Marc Hayes

Stranglmartin is another prime example of some good 0l' Kentucky rock 'n' roll. This Lexington band's debut has a distinctively powerful sound that is infused with David Butler's rough-edged vocals. The disc features eleven realistic- sounding originals that should haul in big numbers on the collegiate front.

"Polishing Your Hate," "Crabs," "Red Tool" and "The World Does Not Revolve" are my own personal favorites. But, given its due, from top to bottom it's just a couple of notches from being an indie masterpiece.

Yes sir, Stranglmartin is in the running for Kentucky's best rock 'n' roll band and this outing is guaranteed to harvest the boys a brand new bumper crop of fans.

Write to: Dragon Street Records, 1420 Dragon Street, Suite 3, Dallas, Texas 75207.

(A quick check found Stranglmartin's album avaiiable in cassette and CD, at Ear X-racy. -Editor.)