Cursed with Success?

By Paul Moffett

As 1991 rachets down, the LASC finds itself cursed with success — there are far more opportunities than we have the resources to exploit, all because we have spent the last five years building the organization up to the level it is at now. Of course, many folks would say that they would love to have this problem, myself among them. We're in this position because we've done something.

What are some of the things we could do'? For openers, we could change our monthly showcases into Nashville-style Showcases, complete with publishers and record execs in attendance (The Board will be talking about this). This might draw working bands into the group, this providing some outlets for songs.

We are still working on the radio-ready project, which manages to take more work than everybody thought. A radio station playing local compositions would be a big boost.

So how do we get some of these things done? The answer is one you already know — more LASC members putting in more work. Erk. Also, read the following small article about the mission statement.

You can call me at 241-1645 if you want to help more.

Misson Statement

Way back when the LASC was assembled, a mission statement was written which included such things as the importance of the tapes series that we set out to do and the significance of the open stage.

Well, times change and so do pur-poses and, hence, mission statement.

The Board of Trustees realized after looking at the old statement that it was considerably out of date and needed to be updated. In the manner of boards everywhere, the LASC's Board decided to refer the matter to the membership.

So, dig around in your files and find your copy, which you got along with your initial membership package and look at it.

If you can't find it, think about what the LASC should do and be prepared to talk about it the November 18 meeting.