Deep Soul Diver
Disappear Fear
Format: Cassette

By Patrick Fitzgerald

Coming out of Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the most enjoyable bands I've heard in a while. And Disappear Fear's third national release called Deep Soul Diver has some fantastic songs on it.

The band is comprised of Cindy Rutstein on lead vocals, Sonia Rutstein on guitar and backing vocals, Debbie Flood on bass, and Susan Charnley on drums. Sonia is the songwriter for this dynamic act. The band's sound is defined by a largely clean acoustic guitar sound and wonderful harmonies. I know what you're thinking, and, no, it doesn't sound like the Indigo Girls. Their contemporary folk style has a different feel to it than just about anything I've heard lately. These songs don't take any time at all to grow on you and bring idiot glee to the listener the first time it's heard. Sonia's songwriting is clever and addictive, and the tunes don't leave your head when the stereo turns off. The band has a very good feel for up-tempo songs with tunes like "Photograph" and "Sexual Telepathy." The music on these two is spunky, and the vocals are almost spooky the way they fit together so well. The more adagio tunes are equally effective, as "Deep Soul Diver" is one of the prettiest tunes I've heard lately. The only possible grievance I have with this recording is that it's only eight songs long.

The band will be coming to Louisville on October 18 at Uncle Pleasant's. Be sure to bring an open mind, and be prepared to enjoy yourself. You may also want to bring along a little extra money because they will have recordings with them, and you may be quite tempted to buy one. This is a show not to miss.