Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

The summer's not quite over yet, gang, even thought the calendar says it's September. The Homefront gang found that out at the first show of the season – we all thought we would pass out from the heat. Still, the show was good. Check out the review in another section.

· The Louisville Chorus has a new music director. He is Daniel Spurlock, who replaces Richard Sowers. Spurlock has immediately scheduled auditions for singers. For more information, call (502) 895-7070.

· After the story appeared in our last issue about the Musician's Union's new talent agency, the project suffered a bit of a setback. It seems that the person who had originally been hired to run the agency was forced to withdraw because of a family illness. The Union is now looking for another person to run the agency. If you're interested, call Rocky Adcock at (502) 451-7509.

· David La Duke rings in this month with another tune, "Love My Baby," scheduled for a place on a compilation CD. This one is CD Reviews' 2nd World Talent Hunt CD and is called Artifacts. Scheduled release is late October. It's on track to be shipped all over and will be for sale through CD Reviews.

Besides that, La Duke has a cut on the Foundations Forum 91 CD Sampler, this tune being "Takin' My Chances." This CD will be distributed at the Foundations Forum 91 Convention in October. A La Duke video clip will also be included in a constantly playing video at that Forum event. My.

· C-C-C-Changes Dept. Since the Kentucky Center for the Arts has taken over management of the Louisville Gardens, there have been management changes (of course). Leta Rodway, who was managing the Macauley Theater, will now handle the Gardens; Jonathan Smillie is the new guy at the Macauley.

· Mel Owens Music has bought Kays Music on Preston, according to Dick Hillar at the Saint Matthews Mel Owens store. The store is now Mel Owens Music South. The former owners have retired. The new manager is Mark Brenner.

· Coyote Calhoun of WAMZ has racked up another award. For the fourth time, Calhoun has won the Billboard magazine Country Air Personality of the Year in a medium market. It's getting to be a habit. Congratulations, Coyote.

· We stopped by Gary Falk's studio the other day and he just had to show off his new main studio console. To say that it is unique is utterly true – Gary not only designed it, he built it. In fact, he said, it's an all-Louisville board. Assorted sections were designed and built here, including the wooden endpieces, the module channel strips, and the face plates.

Gary said he designed it so that he could fix it if it broke. He demonstrated the ease with which a channel strip could be removed – twenty seconds or so and the thing was laying on the console deck, ready to be worked on. (Falk is obviously a guy who has had to deal with broken equipment before.)

It's a 24 x 24 board that he estimates would have cost him in the range of $75 - 100,000. His actual cost was well under $20,000.

The upshot of all that is that Gary now has an extra 24 x 24 Wheatcroft board that he'd like to move along. If you're interested, give him a call at (502) 239-1010.

· While we were wandering around Falk's place, we happened to notice a box of cassettes by Nancy Johnson being readied for shipment. The cassette is called Full Circle and no doubt Nancy will fill us in later about it.

· Garland Flaherty asked us to tell all you Flaherty's III fans that your favorite DuPont club is undergoing remodelling, just in case you happen by and find it closed.

· Our condolences to Alan Rhody, on the passing of his father, Maurice L. Kohnhorst, on September 4.

· For all you independent record label owners, there is a new indie country label association forming in Nashville. Founding members include Col. Ernie Bivens, GBS Records; Tommy Donaldson, Killer Records; Joe Gibson, NSD; Gene Kennedy, Door Knob Records; and Bill Wence of Six-Five-One Records.

They're planning on continuing the grand battle with the majors and the marketplace. You can reach them at 1-800-726-7677 or write them at POB 22325, Nashville, Tn. 37202.