Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

You have a right to dream. Kevin Costner envisioned hundreds of buffalo thundering across the screen and a proud colorful people coming to terms with change and trust with their stronger rivals in "Dances With Wolves." An actor, seeing himself involved in the middle of conflict and love in a series of dramatic outdoor scenes, felt this was a dream come true. No other director envisioned the magic Costner felt. Everyone else had passed on "Dances With Wolves" and the writer had given up and gone home but, nevertheless, he had the dream and, by Costner finding a manuscript copy, it came true.

Don and Phil Everly had a dream in 1956 when they sang for Archie Bleyer with Cadence Records. Bleyer didn't like then, says WHAS Radio review April 13, 1991, but Chet Atkins was convinced they had a commercial sound for selling records. At the time, they were broke and ready to go back home when they were given a second chance.

Dayle Brown, PolyGram/Island Music song pitcher said, "Even the Nights Are Better" was sent to 100 artists with only one favorable response and a maybe. Air Supply sold three million records for Arista, living a dream envisioned by writers J.L. Wallace, Kenneth Bell and Terry Skinner.

Not everyone will believe in your dream, but you have a right to live it. You may have to go back home on occasion, but you don't have to give up.