Corrections & Clarifications

A typographical error turned a sow's ear into a cow's ear in the article about the Waterside Arts & Blues Festival in our August issue. Unfortunately, our computer spell checker didn't catch the error since the word cow is a real word and the computer didn't know that cow was the wrong word. The writer was not amoosed.

Several paragraphs in the story about The Experts were duplicated in our August cover story. Hope our readers were able to disregard the first instance where the paragraphs intruded in the opening anecdote about Joe Peebles trying to decide whether to buy a motorcycle or an organ. Here's how the story should have read:

"My Mom told me, 'Look, I'll help you financially to get a motorcycle or an organ, but there 's no way we can afford both, so make up your mind.'

"I thought about it for just a very short while and decided, "If I get the motorcycle that's going to be transportation and that's all it's going to be. If I get the organ and I can get into a band, then I can get the money to get a motorcycle," he laughed.

Smart boy, that Joe Peebles.