Ball Bustin Guitar Rock
David La Duke
Format: Cassette

By Leonard January

I guess what David La Duke figured when he decided to entitle his six-song cassette Ball Bustin Guitar Rock was that people would think that is what is inside the plastic. Well, it is guitar rock, but it's ball busting because it's impossible to understand any of the lyrics. It is mixed horribly in many areas, it lacks direction and originality and is at times predictable. I'm sure Mr. La Duke was trying to put his best foot forward and probably most of his bar fans will be pleased with his efforts. But for the most part this is a band that clearly needs someone to tell somebody that the emperor has no clothes.

I will say this: The first song on the first side is very good. Entitled "Master of Evil," this has a quality about it that a group like Blue Oyster Cult might come up with. The harmonies are excellent, albeit mixed poorly and the total commerciality of the song really got me excited.

I'd like to see the group do more "calmer" tunes with some direction rather than just fill in with "Axe Break," which I had to replay several times to try to see if my recorder was leaving something out of the tape.

Most of the other tunes are futile attempts to emulate such artists as Z.Z. Top, which is evident in "San Francisco's High Society R&R Band" and what appeared to be some kind of tribute to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Mr. La Duke can play some real mean lead guitar, but that in itself is not enough to sell songs.

It's probably time to do some soul searching and start writing more songs in the vein of "Master of Evil." Also, find a new studio engineer.