Letters to the Editor

...and an Answering Machine Message

"You don't know (expletives deleted) about the blues."

You have any idea who Albert King is? I read your article about the Water Tower here [August 1991 LMN] and I tend to think you're queer for Marcia Ball. You don't know f—kin' sh-t about the blues.

(An unidentified voice on the answering machine.)

(To answer your question and comments: Yes. No. Maybe so.

Since I was at the Waterside Art and Blues Festival on Saturday only, I don't understand the reason for your question about Albert King. I know who he is, but unfortunately I didn't catch his Sunday performance. I'm sure he was excellent. I know who a lot of musicians are, but unless I hear them, I don't review them.

As for Marcia Ball, I did hear her performance and I stick by my earlier remarks. She was indeed outstanding.

I am not "queer" [I'm assuming from the tone of your message that you used the word in the slang sense.], although that is really irrelevant.

As for my knowledge of the blues, I am far from an expert, but I have heard a lot of blues and enjoy all styles of that genre of music. Again, my knowledge of the blues isn't relevant since I did not judge Ms. Ball as a blues performer, merely as a performer.

I am delighted that the festival will be held again next year.

Thanks for your call. And have a nice day. -Editor.)

Thanks from 'Beet' cartoonist

Thank you for the wonderful piece you did on me in the August issue! What a great surprise!

I have also been wanting to thank you for running "The Beet Goes On" cartoon strip since the first of the year. It's been a lot of fun seeing and hearing the reactions from your readers.

From only one of many who feel very lucky Louisville has the LMN.

Diana Black

Louisville, KY 40207

(Our pleasure. And thank you. -Editor.)