By Diana Black

September 2 _ NO MEETING. (Labor Day)

September 16 _ FIELD TRIP _ Excursion to Alpha Recording Studio in Elizabethtown.

Alpha is located at 129 Howell Drive, just off I-65 at the KY 62 Exit. Alpha will be showing off their 24-tracks and duplication facility. Vince Emmett, who works at Alpha, is organizing this event, and he says he is planning a surprise or two for the night.

As of this writing, Alpha may have a bus for LASC members to ride in from the Rudyard. A notice will be going out to all members, so watch the mail.

Questions? Call Diana Black at 893-0693 or Paul Moffett at 241-1645.

October 7 - I've got a couple ideas for this one, but I'm still working on them. How 'bout I let you know next issue?

October 21 - Critique session. Please bring 10 lyric sheets along with your tune on cassette. Open to current members.

August 5 Member Meeting

Superman/woman, an elevator and the steps

By Diana Black

(If lately you've been hearing talk among LASC members about a twentieth floor and you have no idea where or to what they are referring, well, guess what? You're about to found out!)

Within minutes of taking the podium on August 5th, the LASC's own Joyce Trammell had members in dreamland. (No, we weren't asleep!) We were off on an imaginary journey. A trip that first took us by taxi down a large traffic jammed city street and then by foot fighting our way on a busy, crowded sidewalk. Suddenly Joyce had us standing at the entrance of a very mysterious building. Inside the building, Joyce went on to say, on the twentieth floor, we would "get our heart's desire."

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Enter superman/woman, an elevator and the steps.

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have hopes of beating the odds, standing out in the crowd, by getting to our twentieth floor like superman: in a single bound. It may take hitting our heads on the side of the building a couple times to realize the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

Okay, we're not defeated yet so we decide to take the elevator approach. Fast; painless; needs little effort. Right on the money! But the elevator in this building is "out of order." (You may still try it but it may not be so painless!) You guessed it. That leaves the .. oh, no .. STEPS.

Right here is where people either give up and go back home (or hang around in the building lobby), or take a very deep breath and take that difficult first step. (Either of these decisions is made based on how well a person deals with life's greatest obstacle: fear)

So lets assume we finally choose to take the steps. (More decisions!!) We can go right to the twentieth floor without resting or enjoying the people we meet along the way and arrive ahead of schedule but totally exhausted; OR we can make it a fun climb by stopping off on various floors to see what's going on there, resting, and re-evaluating our ultimate goal(s).

Now just suppose what if we knock ourselves out to get to the twentieth floor and we find out the one thing we always wanted is not all we thought it would be. Will we be happy at the prospect of almost killing ourselves to get there? No. Will we question what we missed along the way? You bet.

Thanks, Joyce, for giving us a different perspective as we work toward those publishing contracts, number one hits and Grammys.

(Excuse me. Where are the steps?)