Youth Orchestra Announces Bicentennial Tour, Auditions

The Louisville Youth Orchestra has announced plans for a ten-day tour in recognition of Kentucky's bicentennial. The tour will begin on June 8 and continue through June 17, 1992.

The Symphony Orchestra of the LYO will perform throughout Kentucky and will conclude the tour with a gala performance in Washington, D.C. Featured on the seven-performance tour will be the commissioned works by Carol McClure of "Kentucky Overture" and "Song of Kentucky."

Auditions for the 1991-92 season will take place during the third week of September. Persons interested in auditioning or who would like more information about the LYO are asked to contact Melody Welsh, Operations Manager, Louisville Youth Orchestra, 623 West Main, Suite 400, Louisville, Ky. 40202, (502) 582-0135.