The following songs are the ones that were selected at the listening session on March 2 by the members who were there. They will be performed on the April 4 Showcase.

If your song didn't make the list better luck next time.

The listening session went fairly smoothly, although there were one or two glitches. The Board members were all happy that they did not have to make the decisions.

Come to the Showcase on Saturday, April 4. Admission is only $2 for members and $3 for non-members.

" She Took It All But The Blame" Earl Meyers

"Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby" Glenda McCoy

"Glory Days" Ron Allgood

"New Number One" G. Barger/S. Reid! C. Walls

"TCB's" Mike Layman

" Kick It ln High" Earl Meyers

"I Can't Get Enough" A. P. Morris

"Same Old Song And Dance" D. Black/C. Walls

"Nevermind" Tim Lynch

"Upright Lady" P. Moftett/J. Metcaltel C. Walls

"See Jack Run" Linda Gower

"intoxicted With Love" Ray Burden

" I'm In The Doghouse" Tim Lynch

" Behind The Times" Diana Black

"Lucky In Love" J. Metcalfe/P. Mottett

"Willie, Please Sing A Duet with Me" J. Metcalfe

"Two Story House" Charlie Walls

"Up in Smoke" Charlie Walls

"The Terrible Two's" Tim Lynch

"Sooner Than You Think" Mike Layman

"Proof's Here In My Hands" C. Walls/S. Reid


Interested in finding a collaborator? Call TIm Lynch (502-964-8527) or Diana Black (502-893-0693) and they will include your name, phone number and type of music and/or lyrics you write in a column that will begin appearing periodically in the Letter.

The following members have expressed an interest in co-writing : Paul McGee writes pop music and lyrics: 502-459-3069.