A Sight Unseen

By Leonard L. Horten

I would like to introduce to you a band that is truly destined for the Top 10 with their debut release, Circus of Shame.

These guys are definitely one in a million. Their style ranges from Guns N' Roses all the way to Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are a group that can hold you captivated by their hard-core lyrics as well as their versatility in style.

While you're asking yourself, "Who is this group?," I would like to tell you about one of their songs entitled "Back Door." It deals with a problem that is sweeping across our country, more than ever before. With the rise of the New Age Movement, people are stating that there are many ways, roads or back doors to God. The Bible states in John 14:6 that Jesus is the Way, the Truth,and the Life and that no one can come to God the Father except through Jesus.

So if you're looking for a band that not only rocks the paintings off the walls, but can also feed and lead you spiritually, I suggest that you pick up a copy of Circus of Shame from the one and only Asight Unseen.

(Mr. Horton is Music Manager, Berean Christian Bookstore.)