Pond Creek Blues Band at Air Devil

By Robin Wise

A standing-room-only crowd at Air Dev1l's Inn on Saturday, March 21, witnessed the return of Louisville's Pond Creek Blues Band. It was also the debut of Larry Ferguson on guitar and vocals and, judging from the crowd response, it was a great choice!

Original members Mike Lynch (bass and vocals) and Allan McGuffy (drums) had left to form Bad Apples with Tommy Miller (former R.U.0.K? lead singer).

"All it took was a week of playing "Hang On Sloopy," and I knew my heart was still in playing the blues," said Mike Lynch, who left and was soon followed by Allen.

Larry Ferguson was found through a mutual friend (Chicago bassist Jamie Gardiner) and, along with original vocalist Mary Rogers, re-formed the Pond Creek Blues Band.

The set list was filled with Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes, which was a showcase for Larry, who proved to be one of the finest guitarists I've seen in quite some time. From blistering versions of Stevie Ray's "Scuttle Buttin"' and Freddie King's "Hideaway" to the laid-back blues of Eric Clapton's "Old Love," this guy showed he could do it all sometimes even behind his back. My only question is, "Why haven't we heard from Larry before now?"

"I've been the owner of the House of Guitars on Bardstown Road for about the last seven years and I've played in several Top 40 bands but could never find the right people. I've been trying to put a blues band together for years and then I just luck into this one!" said Ferguson.

I'd say Louisville blues fans are the lucky ones!

The people on the packed dance floor wouldn't let these guys leave, but after three encores (with a smoking version of "Superstition," featuring Mary Rogers on lead vocals), the band called it a night.

I think Larry said it best: "You paid three dollars to get in, but you're getting the five-dollar show tonight!" If you want to check these guys out for yourself you can catch them at Air Devil's Inn on Taylorsville Road, April 3 and 4.