"There's Nothing Like Family Harmony"

By Jeff Hutchins

Sometimes you listen to a song and you just know the back-up is being sung by family members. The Gatlins, Garth Brooks, The Judds, Earl Thomas Conley, and on and on.

Now you might be able to get family members to work cheap, but the real reason for Family Harmony is that Great Sound. Family members' voices are as close to your own as you can get! This gives you naturally great sounding harmony (if they can sing?). But what if you don't have any family? Or suppose they live 2000 miles away? NO PROBLEM!

Digitech has possibly the best harmony machine ever invented. The VHM5 or "The Vocalist"! Quite simple, "The Vocalist" is the best harmonizer I've heard at any price. You can add up to four-part harmony with your own voice.

Ah! you say, sounds good but everybody knows harmonizers sound like Mickey Mouse if they do high parts, and Darth Vader if they do bass parts. Right? Wrong! The new Digitech Vocalist is different. I mean real different. It's real and different. It's different because unlike other harmonizers it doesn't sound like Mickey Mouse on the high end or Darth Vader on the bass end. It sounds like real live human vocals. If you are a male, it sounds like your brother singing right along with you. If you are a female, it sounds like your sisters.

How does this thing work, you ask? Well that's a closely guarded secret at Digitech, but it did receive The Most Innovative Product of the Year Award at the NAMM trade show.

What if you don't want four-part harmony? No problem, the vocalist can do one-, two-, three-, or four-part harmony. All higher than your voice, all lower than your voice, or anywhere you want them.

The Vocalist incredible! It can do any vocal part, any chord, major, minor 7th, or augmented you name it. You can have your harmony part have its own vibrato. The vocalist can even correct pitch if you sing off-key. There's just not much you can't do with the Vocalist and it sounds incredible.

You have got to hear it. Stop by Music Warehouse today right now if possible and get a demo.

Oh, yeah! Did I mention you can control the Vocalist from a MIDI keyboard, footswitch or even on the front panel? Basically the sky is the limit with the Vocalist from Digitech.

(Jeff Hutchins is a Product Specialist at Music Warehouse, 3204 Bardstown Road.)