Rules and Fact Sheet

For those members who have been unable to attend meetings of late, here is a summary of developments concerning the November Showcase and Seminar: Rather than the style of showcases which we have staged in the past, we are going to stage a showcase for acts who are in search of a label deal. Because we recognize that this would mean that many members who have been on the showcase in the past would not be on the stage (including the Prez), we made this deal with acts who will be on the showcase:

A. No fewer than four members of the band must be members of the Co-op, if the band is larger than four members.

Otherwise, all members must of the band must be members of the Co-op.

B. Each act on the Showcase must perform no fewer than three songs written or co-written with members of the Coop who are not members of the band. This requirement is designed to encourage both band members and Co-op member to think in terms of pitching material.

C. The Showcase will probably be at Jim Porters Goodtime Emporium on Friday night, November 6. (We have agreed in principal but the deal has not yet been finalized.)

D. The Co-op will bring up Artist and Repertoire (A&R) representatives from record labels in Nashville and elsewhere to look at the bands. The rationale is simple: if a band is signed to a record deal and they have one of your great tunes, the chances are good that they'll record your great tune.

With all that in mind, the following guidelines have been set up by the Board for submitting your songs. Please note thatthe Board willget songstothe bands.

Good luck.

The following bands have been confirmed to perform on the November showcase: (Others to be announced as confirmed)

John Allen

da Mudcats

J. D. Black


Uncle Pecos


Karen Kraft and Kiks

Londa Crenshaw

Walker & Kays

1. Tapes to be considered for the November 1992 showcase are to be submitted to the board by LASC members in good standing no later than 9 p.m. Monday, May 18, 1992.

2. Members may submit up to 5 songs, with one tape and one typed or neatly printed lyric sheet per song. All tapes and lyric sheets must contain the title, member/writer name, address, phone number and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of the bands the song is to be pitched to.

3. The board will screen songs only to determine if they are audible.

Tapes will then be forwarded to the bands for the first pitch session. Songs not selected by designated bands after the first pitch session will be placed into a pool and chosen and/or pitched to bands still in the selection process as the board sees fit.

4. Songs submitted are not guaranteed to be played on the showcase. The song selection is entirely up to the bands. Each band, however, must play three songs in their set that were submitted by the board for selection and are not songs written by a member of the band. The three songs selected may be written by the same LASC member. A song may be selected by only one band.

5. Members will be asked to sign a release, should their song be selected, that allows the band to arrange the song as the band sees fit.

6. It a band selected to perform on the showcase has already worked up a member's song, the member must still submit that song through the board no later than May 18 it it is to be considered for band selection of the three LASC song requirement. (If the song is submitted, the band may either select it to help meet its song number requirement or play it during the portion of the set not reserved for LASC songs. If the song is not submitted, the band may still play it during the its open portion of its set).

7. Further announcements will be made as necessary.

lf you have any questions, please call Paul Moffett at 231-5559 or Diana Black 893-0693.