a swirl of English hindsight

Leisure, (SBK)

By Bob Bahr

A lot of people will hate this album from Blur, citing the hopelessly retro sound, the somewhat superficial lyrics and the pop simplicity of it all. But they'll miss the silver lining, a thrashy, hard-driving attitude that puts the lyrics in line with emotion and the slick blending of crash-and-burn guitar with'60s vocal harmonies.

Leisure asks the listener to do nothing but bob the head and let the classic rock quartet sound wash over their ears. The sentiments expressed are simultaneously cryptic and intimate, giving a glance into the British musician's rock-buffeted minds, without challenging anyone's mental facilities one iota.

There's a place for this kind of music and it's a mindless afternoon or a rockin' party. Take your pick and put it on. Blur is for recreational listening and for lovers of the British/retro/rave sound, it gets no better than Leisure.