By Ray Yates

August 3 Critique session. Bring your song, on cassette tape and lyric sheets. There seems to be and increase in turnout for these sessions, so try to bring15or more copies of the lyrics it you can. Open to current members.

August 11 Board Meeting

August 17 Critique session and songwriting contest news.


By Ray Yates

Right off the bat I'm going to make a solicitation. ll there are items or news that you feel would be of general interest to the membership, or it you have a comment or complaint about the LASC Letter, please write to me at 5703 Tallridge Place, Louisville, KY 40229. The LASC Letter is your newsletter so take advantage of it.

New members since our last newsletter are James Lenz, Mike Tiltord, Rozlyn Reynolds and Marla Moffett. They have received numbers 422 through 425.

Jimmy Lenz has been playing music tor twenty-six years and currently plays guitar in the band LMNOP. His preferred style of music to write is "ballads with a beat.”

Mike Tilford plays guitar and has pertormed in church plays and a high school musical. He writes ballads and recently presented a song to be critiqued.

Rozlyn Reynolds and her husband Vincent have just recently moved to Louisville trom Los Angeles. She has been writing tor 2 1/2 years. If the song they played at the last critique session is an indication, then we can expect good things from this songwriting team. They use an Atari computer and sottware in there MlDl setup.

information about Marla Mottett will be forthcoming. Some LASCers will remember Marla trom the early days of the Louisville NSAI workshop.

Turnout tor the critique sessions continues to be high. There was a spirited discussion of some of the more innovative works presented. Songs were presented by LASC members Mike Tiltord, Glenda McCoy, Metcalfe-Moffett, Michael Layman, Joann Hatcher, Mike Boehnleln, Joe Forgacs, Rozlyn Reynolds, Tom Florian, Tim Lynch and Earl Meyers. This is a very busy bunch of writers. Many of these names appear over and over in the LASC Letter. It you want your name in the paper, please bring in your tapes. The LASC is open to all types of music.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC, or wanting more information, can call me at 502-969-1326 and I will be glad to answer any questions and to forward a membership application. Please, include the attached biographical information with your application. it helps us to know something about our new members. The welcome column is a great place to let yourself be known.


Members renewing their membership last month are Skip Snyder, Bill Ede, Wanda Martin, Charlie Walls, Mary Washburn, Robin Embry, Michael Layman, Diana Black, Michael Boehniein, Wayne Hundley and Frank Wilson. Thank you for your continued support.

LASC Musicians Wanted for LASC Bands

Tony Cestaro and Tim Lynch are interested in assembling an LASC band to do rock-oriented material.

They have asked for interested musicians who play the following to contact them: lead guitar, bass and keyboards. They also are asking tor vocalists, either male or female.

Tony Cestaro can be reached at 964-1369, Tim Lynch at 964-8527.

"Let's show the music business what Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas have to offer," say Tim and Tony.

Songwriting Contests

If the LASC's contest isn't enough to keep you busy writing songs, check out the Houston group's contest. Lack of space keeps us from listing all we know of it. Ask a Board member at the meeting for more, if you want.

The Houston songwriters group, The Network of Lyricists & Songwriters, has its 1992 songwriting contest up and running.

The prizes at this time are recording sessions at various Houston studios, but since the deadline isn't until November 30, 1992, the group says they will be lining up more prizes.

Entry fees are $10 per entry for non-members of NLS and $5 ior NLS members.

For more information, wnte HNLS 1992 Songwriting Contest, P.O. Box 890425, Houston, TX 77289-0425.