Oop s!

We inadvertently omitted the name of writer Phil Sterling in our July listing of contributing writers. Also in our July issue, the photographs of Marcia Ball, Charlie Musselwhite and Lonnie Brooks were incorrectly arranged, causing the identities to be scrambled. The correct order of the photographs, from left to right, should have been the same as they are listed earlier in this paragraph. Bet you figured it out.

A difficult deadline allowed several other errors to creep in: A couple of story jumps were incorrect, but we hope you were able to find the continuations of the articles. Also, due to a last-minute change, the WDJX Birthday Bash story listed in the contents on the cover was not run.

Larnelle Harris' first name was misspelled under his photograph, although it was correctly spelled in the article.

Bakersfield was incorrectly referred to as Bakersville under Dwight Yoakam's photograph. Also "Cowboy Jack" Skaggs was incorrectly identified as Redd Stewart in the photograph of Pee Wee King and the Golden West Cowboys.

The first name of Babbie Mason was misspelled in the July story about Marshall Kellam.

In the article about The Lonesome Pine Specials, the sold-out Sam Bush and John Cowan performance should have been listed as Wednesday, July 22, of Wednesday, July 21.

A word was inadvertently omitted from a letter to the editor last month. The letter, from Scott Hall, Axiom Music Group, is repeated in its entirety in this issue.

By the way, were you able to identify the unnamed gentleman pictured in the center of our July cover? We were hoping to stir up a letter or two from our readers who recognized him as Stephen Foster.