Rhody Both Visual and Performing Artist

Hit songwriter Alan Rhody is reviving his visual art endeavors of late. On July 18 he held a print-signing party to celebrate the publication of his first limited edition of 300 lithographs of his watercolor "Douglas Corner Cafe." The signing was held at Local Color gallery at 1912 Broadway in Nashville, where Alan has other work exhibited as well. Douglas Corner is a popular nightspot and the site of many record deal-winning showcases, including Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. The print will be available at other galleries in Nashville as well.

In addition to that, Alan just opened his first one-man art exhibition in quite a while. On August 2 a reception was held for his month-long show at the Tennessee Art League's newest gallery at 301 1 Poston Avenue near Centennial Park in Nashville. This show includes recent acrylic and watercolor paintings as well as some earlier works — about 25 pieces in all.

"This is what I did before music became the focus of my life. I've felt a real need to get back to it in recent years," says Alan. "I plan on keeping it up as long as I can find the time and there is some demand for it. I love it as much as making music, actually."

On the musical side, the new Alan Rhody CD, Dreamer's World, will be released in mid-September in all the European territories on Taxim Records of Bremen, Germany. It will contain twelve original Rhody songs, mostly new ones. The project is being shopped to US. labels as you read.