Bad Apples

featuring Tommy Miller

By Paul Moffett

"Dude, you picked the worst possible time to call me," cried Tommy Miller. "My keyboard player quit just like that, no notice, no nothing."

Perhaps the situation was not that bad?

"Well, Pete Peterson is gonna sit in until we find somebody else."

Pete Peterson, keyboardist for the Shufflin' Grand Dads and all-purpose keyboard man-about-town is not a bad sub for a missing player. Miller agreed.

Lamentations about personnel changes are very common among band leaders and shifts and change among bar bands is also very common.

Consider Bad Apples' line-up:

Tommy Miller, vocals. Formerly lead singer with R.U.O.K?

Steve Shane, formerly guitarist for the Pond Creek Blues Band.

Greg Bean, bass and banjo. Formerly with The Brothers and the Sisters.

Kerry Harrison, drums. Formerly with David La Duke.

And that's only one band back. Of the bunch, Miller, 27, is probably the one with the fewest bands in his past, namely one.

That does not bother Miller, who says he has been making music "all his life," mainly what is now called classic rock. The current group has been together only seven months and interested mostly in working steady, although Miller admits the dream of a record deal is always there.

"Doesn't everybody, dude?" he asked, rhetorically. He said that he was getting together a tape to send to Star Search.

The group plans to just "have as much fun as possible playing" and keep their options open.

Bad Apples will be playing at the Golden Nugget, the Butchertown Pub and T. K.'s over the next couple of months.