Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• In the overall scheme of things, I guess it doesn't really matter – unless you live there – that the Frankfort, Ky., cable system no longer carries MTV and VH-1. The cable overseers removed the music channels from the city-controlled system because the videos were deemed unsuitable for children. Aside from the raging First Amendment issues this raises, I confess that I'm not really ready to have my television choices reduced to the level of material suitable for children, although I understand that there are those folks who sincerely believe that this is the standard we must live by. I live in Louisville, where the Storer company owns the system. Storer's standards are derived primarily from the bottom line, so they can show the same kind of scantily clad young women as the broadcast stations do (Entertainment Tonight comes instantly to mind).

I want my MTV.

Oh, yes, the kids can't watch Nickelodeon, either. It's included in the package with MTV and VH-1. It's just as well – have you ever watched You Can't Do That on Television? Yuck, slime.

Speaking of Nickelodeon – have you checked out Ren and Stempy yet? It's got that kind of Bullwinkle and Bugs humor so endearing to adults – and it's sufficiently gross for kids.

Not Hot News Dept. In case you haven't heard, the Hammerheads are breaking up, not too long after releasing their debut CD. (Good timing, eh?) According to publicist Pam Cross, at least one of the players wants to do session work. At any rate, the Hammerheads are playing their farewell to Louisville concert at the Phoenix Hill Tavern on Wednesday, December 16.

• Former Jody Grind members Bill Taft and Kelly Hogan are working as a duo. LMN readers will recall that Taft and Hogan were the only members of the Jody Grind left after a terrible automobile accident took the lives of the other members of the band.

• Louisville's Larnelle Harris has a tune on a new Benson compilation album, Master Pieces. Harris sings "Just a Little Talk with Jesus."

• I caught Maxwell's show at the Phoenix Hill prior to their departure for Germany. Sounded pretty good to me and I thought that Screamin' John Hawkins might be a serious challenger for the lead guitar slot in Phoenix Hill's All-Star band. My, my, the boy can play that thang. The vocals in Maxwell are powerful, with the brothers Maxwell combining with their two female back-up vocalists. Check 'em out.

•The Kentucky Center sends notice that seventy hours of programming from "The Lonesome Pine Specials" are being added to the archives of The Smithsonian Institution. ongratulations to Lonesome Pine staff Richard Van Kleeck and Susan Watkins.

• A couple of bands familiar to Louisville audiences participated in a showcase in Indianapolis on November 19. Hopscotch Army, Larry Crane and Mere Mortals were among the thirty-eight bands playing in six clubs in Broad

Ripple Village. The event was put together by Beth Bueltmann of Big Bang Artist Development. Ms. Bueltmann is also associated with Sunshine Promotions.

• The Louisville Gardens and the Macauley Theatre have a new General Manager. Timothy King, Director of Operations for the Louisville Orchestra, has been named to take over the position overseeing both facilities. King has a considerable reputation in the arts community in Louisville.

• Release parties are getting to be more popular around town. Here's one: Speaking in Tongues is having a video release party on November 30 at Clover Lane Espresso Bar.

Here's another: Rollin' & Tumblin' Records is having an album release party on December 1 at Swanson Cralle gallery on Bardstown Road for Santa Is a Bluesman, a fourteen-song compilation featuring some of Louisville's finest blues musicians, according to producer Scott Mullins.

Hope Springs Eternal Dept.: New Clubs, Country Division + da Blues. The club scene in Louisville, like every other city, is like watching tadpoles bobbing in a river. Clubs come and go and go and come, but for every one that goes, two spring up – or so it seems. This fall, Louisville is graced with several new venues and loses one stalwart:

Flaherty's Food-Fun-Spirits closed. Garland Flaherty sold the building to a group of doctors.

The Silo Brew Pub, Barret St. a microbrewery, also books live music. I haven't made it in yet, but the word is that place is packed most weekends.

The Bluebird Cafe, 956 Baxter Ave., will focus on the blues, both local and national, according to owner David Cook. The cafe, which seats 80, will serve cajun food as well as beer and wine. Hours are 11 - 2 for lunch and 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Acts such as Yank Rachel, H-Bomb Ferguson and Smokin' Joe Kubek are on the entertainment list for the first part of next year.

The Country Club, 2737 Hurstbourne Parkway, is offering up country entertainment. No information other than that on the radio is available at the moment.

Rock 'N' Rodeo in Hikes Point is Mark Suna's latest effort in the club business.

Coyote's, named for the WAMZ country disc jockey his own self, will be opening on Friday, December 4, with Little Texas for entertainment. The club, at 2nd and Liberty, will replace O'Malley's Garage and remain connected to Hurricane O'Malley's and the Rock-it Club. The interconnections will result in the fourth three-stage club in Louisville.


Oh, No, Don't Slay That Potato Dept. An item in the November 23 issue of the Courier-Journal describes the slaying of rockabilly band leader Phillip Bury. Bury, head of "Buck Naked and the Barebottom Boys," was shot while walking his Rottweiler in Golden Gate Park, apparently as a result of a confrontation with a man known for challenging people whose dogs might frighten the park's pigeons.

Love Jones fans can catch the band at Tewligans this month, as they return home for Christmas. They'll do shows on the 25th and 26th. This truly strange group has been taking their brand of surrealist Latin pop to the maximum metal circuit in California, where, word has it, they have been wildly received.

Well, I guess so!