New Board Members Elected

The General Meeting of the Membership of the LASC was held on January 10, 1992. Four members were elected to two-year terms on the Board of Trustees.

Elected to new terms were: Mike Layman, Jean Metcalfe, Paul Moffett, and Larry Standiford.

Photo Gallery

Jean Metcalfe & Paul Moffett

Larry Standiford
Mike Layman

Newly Elected Board Members: Top, Paul Moffett and Jean Metcalfe upon receiving their lifetime memberships In the LASC last year; bottom left, Larry Standiford; right, Mike Layman. File photos by Earl Meyers, Tom Metcalfe and Jean Metcalfe respectively.

Paul Moffett and Jean Metcalfe are founding members of the Co-op and have been members of the Board since the inception of the LASC.

Larry Standiford has been a member for about two years. He writes Southern Indiana-style rock and has performed on the showcase a couple of times. He helped out with the listening committee early last year and has also helped out on the showcases occasionally.

Mike Layman is our resident popster and should give the Board a whole new outlook on things. He has been a member for some time and was on the board a couple of years ago. He got married between then and now and took a "leave of absence" for a while. Now he's back.

Retiring board members are Sammy Reid and Pen Bogert. The LASC extends its thanks and gratitude for their service.

We also want to thank Wally Stewart, Ron Allgood and Mike Layman for their work on the Nominating Committee.

Board members of the LASC serve without payment, for a period of two years. Four members are elected one year and the remaining five are up for election the next year. Any member in good standing of the LASC is eligible to run and serve on the Board.