Newsical Notes
By Jean Metcalfe

On Saturday, December 28, Sharon Beavers appeared on "Live at Libby's "on WBVR Radio ("The Beaver" 101). WBVR is a 100,000-watt station in the Russellville, Ky., area, about 40 miles west of Bowling Green and includes Nashville, Tenn., in its listening area. Sharon has received an invitation to come back in about a month. Congratulations, Sharon! Sorry we can't receive WBVR's signal.

Sharon is currently working on a project for Charlie Walls' Music Man Productions and it will involve the songs of several Co-op members. More into as it becomes available.

Oh, incidentally, last month l inadvertently identified the Moffett-Metcalfe-Walls song "Upright Lady" as being a part of Fearless Foursome Music's catalogue. Actually, the publishing is split between FFM and Walls & Reid Music (or is it Reid & Walls Music?), but it is in the latter's catalogue. Sorry, Charlie.

We recently received an attractive piece of sheet music for "Bell Folly," a composition for handbell. The composer'? Marian Maxwell.

Thanks, congratulations and who did that nice cover, Marian?

Hedy Hilburn got a nice mention in the August 1991 issue of the UAW's magazine Solidarity. Hedy, editor of UAW Local 862's newspaper, made the headlines in the national publication for having made a tape and donating the proceeds to the striking miners in Pittston, Penn. Hedy was quoted as saying, "Most songs take me a long time to write, but 'Union Miners' just poured out."

For additional info about her two-song tape, write Hedy Hilbum, UAW Local 862, 6707 Grade Lane, Louisville, KY 40213.

Prez Paul recently received a call from former member Lee Ewing, who moved to Nashville several years ago to pursue a singing career. Lee now lives in Antioch, Tenn. and is working in the construction business. He asked the Prez to say hello for him to all his friends in the Louisville area.

News comes to us that Sally Mudd, who last spring also moved to Nashville, has moved from waiting tables to writing songs as a staff writer for a Nashville publisher.

All write!