Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Tim Krekel, who was playing at Homefront on the 14th, had this story to tell: it seems that while he and Mark Germino were in Michael Laing's office in NY, he spotted a copy of LMN. Reading through it, he found a less-than-kind review of one of their Louisville performances. He said he couldn't that he was associated with anything as bad as the review said the show was.

"I tore that page out," Krekel said, " so nobody would see it." He left the "revised" copy in Laing's office lobby.

Krekel did report that he has a solo album scheduled for release in Europe next month. The project, on the Italian label Appaloosa, is entitled Out of the Corner. American distribution is being negotiated.

Alan Rhody phoned up to report that he was commissioned to paint a watercolor of the showcase club Douglas Corner in Nashville. A limited print run will be made. If you're interested in getting one, contact Mervin Loque at Douglas Corner.

Domani fans will be sad to learn that the group has parted company with MCA. The split was described as "amicable." Rumors also abound that the group has essentially broken up, although there will be one more job to play about the eight of January.

• Here's a tidbit cribbed from the Kyana Blues Society newsletter. Two of the town's favorite blues clubs, Barry's and the Cherokee Blues Club, were in danger of being closed by the government due to tax trouble. Local blues bands and blues fans got busy, held a couple of weekend-long benefits and saved both. For now, blues bands still have two places to play regularly.

• Another tidbit from Kyana. Mike Suttles reports that Duke Robillard, guitarist for the Fabulous Thunderbirds, is assembling a band to play with here in town when he's not on the road. Joining Robillard are bassist Jimmy Brown, drummer Jeff McAllister and Susan Forrest, Duke's wife, covering vocals. No info on when and where.

• We also get the Los Angeles Songwriter Showcase Musepaper and in the current issue, John Braheny writes about his efforts to determine the status of the winners' checks from the 1989 Music City Song Festival. It makes for interesting reading if you are inclined to enter this song contest. The upshot of the article is that many winners have had to threaten legal action and/or exposure before they got their checks. If you want to read this article, give me a call.

David La Duke announced that his SB label has arranged for a distribution deal with Caprice International. The deal is for both national and international distribution. He has also lined up some overseas representation for his projects.

• Boards _ The end of the year usually generates news of changes in the boards of various organizations. Currently, we have these two:

The Musicians' Union (AFM Local 11-637) has held its board election. Current President John Roy retained that position.

Quentin Sharpenstein was selected as the Vice-President.

Rocky Adcock, who is currently the business manager for the Union, was elected to the board.

Others elected to new terms include Ken Albrecht, Bill Johns, and Sam Harris.

The Musicians Emergency Relief Fund also held its board election.

Wayne Young remains as the President.

Vice-President _ Paul Cunningham.

Treasurer _ Rocky Adcock.

Secretary _ Vanessa Shober.

Board _ Tom Jolly, Joe Peebles, Ron Payne.