Reflections On War (Sedlasonic Records)
Scott Sedlaczek

By William Brents

Unlike most young songwriters, Scott Sedlaczek has avoided the many safe and mundane topics in favor of a highly controversial topic that every American had to deal with earlier this year, The Gulf War. Sedlaczek makes it quite clear that he has had it up to his eyeballs with all the post-War hoopla he recently witnessed, and takes a firm stand with his self-described "folk-rock attack on the war mentality."

On songs such as "Blind Faith" and "Soldier's Song," Sedlaczek reveals his bewilderment toward people who fight for their respective countries without ever questioning governmental decisions.

Give me a country

Give me a flag

Give me propaganda

And a license to brag

And I'll do it!

Whatever you want.

This particular verse comes from "Soldier's Song" and it really exemplifies Sedlaczek's displeasure with both parties.

Musically speaking, Sedlaczek's guitar playing is simple and pleasant, while his keyboard-oriented songs could be more effective by a touch of subtlety rather than full-bore overkill. Still, his song structure is over-all very strong and his passionate lyrics will make you think, whether you're a warmonger or a peacenik.

If you do happen to pick up Reflections of War, I recommend you direct your undivided attention to the religious-based narrative epic "Matthew 5:44." Captivating indeed.