Temptation (Charisma Records)
Sweet F.A.

By Leonard January

Sweet F.A., an L.A.-based, highly energized rock 'n' roll band, has released its second album, Temptation, and basically what we have here is just another highly energized rock 'n' roll band that offers little more than what record companies spew out as Spinal Tap conveyor-belt songs.

Most of the lyrics follow and, no doubt, represent the band's kick-a--, highly energized life styles. With such introspective writing as in the trash rocker, "1800, Ta Kill Ya Sunrise": "Everybody lock your doors, keep yourselves inside, Cause it's the kind of night I'm after, for hangin' from the rafters in my mind."

Not much else is offered with the exception of some possibilities in the slow ballad, "Paralyzed, By You."

There is precision guitar playing and solid vocals throughout this album, but it's hard to appreciate when they are being flung at you at 160 mph. The group has a few Aerosmith-styled rockers, most notably in the tune "Please Oh Please," but I didn't hear anything to set them apart from the mold of your other Los Angeles heavy metal bands.

Maybe if I was at one of their concerts with a sixteen-year-old on my shoulders ... they might sound better.