Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

Country music is hot, music videos are propelling songs and artists, and record companies have been all too eager to sign new prospective stars. So why would one of the best new stars, Travis Tritt, blast newcomer Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" video for concentrating on sex appeal, for hiring girls to promote the video and so on?

Wow! What a scoop. Travis didn't know that a couple of statements could rock a boat and make waves so fast across the country. Welcome to the big time. You're a far cry from the small pond back home, making waves for family and hometown buddies. Good or bad for one or the other, Travis and Billy Ray reaped a lot of air time.

All I can say is, brace yourself, Travis and thank your lucky stars you're part of the most prosperous time ever for country music. You've seen the Kentucky Headhunters, Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus, but you ain't seen noting yet in country music. Like it or not, the stage is set, so don't be surprised if this is just the calm before the storm.