Songwriter Opportunities

9th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Announced

The 1992 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, which has a Grand Prize of $1,000, plus assorted other prizes has been announced. The deadline for entries is July 31, 1992.

In addition to the Grand Prize, there will be three Runner-up prizes: a Fostex 4-Track Recorder; a demo package compliments of Sonority Records; and a New Acoustic 6-string guitar.

There are 10 categories: Country; Rock; Pop/Top 40; Gospel; R&B/Urban; Folk; Adult contemporary; Oepn Novelty; Jazz/Instrumental; and Alternative/Progressive.

Entry fees are: $15 for the first entry for non-members of the Songwriters' Association of Washingon; $12 for members; additional entries: $13 for non-members; $12 members.

For more information, write to: Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, P. O. Box 10703, McLean, VA 22102 or call 1-800-394-4530.

From the Tulsa Songwriters Association Newsletter:

Publishers looking for songs:

Ed Morgan, Country Breeze Music (BMI); 1715 Marty, Kansas City, KS 66103. County, rock/pop, gospel. Up to five songs per cassette, SASE and lyric sheets.

Rena Feeney, Ren Maur Music Corp. (BMI) 521 5th Ave, New York, NY 10175. Rock and pop. Up to four songs maximum, lyric sheet, SASE.

Johnny Palzzotto, Vetter Music Publishing, P. O. Box 14685, Baton Rouge, LA 70898. Rock, R&B, and country. 3-5 songs, lyric sheet, SASE.

If you're going to be out west in July, think about taking in the Utah Songwriters 7th Annual Intermountain Songwriting Seminar on July 10 & 11. They have a good lineup, including LASS's John Braheny and George David Weiss, President of the Songwriters Guild of America. The fee is $75 at the door. For more information, call Cori Connors at (801) 451-2831. If her name sounds familiar to LASC'ers, it's because she won the Folk category in 1991 with "Stone on Stone."

Collaboration Item:

Mark S. Spence, Esq. is looking for a rock oriented collaborator. Phone 778-5015.