By Ray Yates

Hello LASC members everywhere! This is the first time that I've written for the newsletter and would like to say thanks to the members of the board and the editors of Louisville Music News for giving me an opportunity to serve the co-operative and its members. I will try to provide all the assistance that I can to members new and old.

New members since our last newsletter are Gloria Colter, Joe Forgacs and Joe Weyler; member numbers 414 through 416.

Gloria Colter is from Gainsville, Ga. Those of you who attended the Seminar in November might well remember Gloria, who won the Other category with "Back To Work." Welcome Gloria. We hope to see you on November 6 and 7.

Joe Forgacs is from Frankfort, KY and comes from a very musical family. He writes folk songs and ballads and plays the mandolin and guitar.

Joe Weyler is a piano player and songwriter from Shively and has attended several meetings. One of Joe's songs has been critiqued at a previous meeting. Keep the songs coming Joe.

A good turnout for the May 4 critique session lead to lively discussion of new works by LASC members; Glenda McCoy, Tim Lynch, James Bryan, yours truly and joint work by Scott Furlong and Earl Meyers. There was a variety of material presented from rock to light jazz, to country and pop. This diversity of material seems representative of the local music culture.

One thing to remember about constructive criticisms; One should never take comments personally. It's so easy to feel disappointed by someone's com-ments. Remember that a really honest opinion is hard to get, so take each comment in the spirit given. If someone makes a valid point, it may help provide a better direction for the development of a new song. If you disagree with an opinion, then cheerfully disagree -- Follow your OWN best instincts A song has to please the writer before anyone else.

The May 18 meeting featured a talk on MIDI by Ray Yates, complete with part of his computer/keyboard setup. Ray has spent quite a bit on his system and it just keeps growing.

Any one interested in Joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-969-1326, and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application. Please, include the attached biographical information with your application. It helps us to know something about our new members. The welcome column is great place to let yourself be known.


Members renewing their memberships last month are Reba Ashcraft, Earl Meyers and Cheryl Woods. My special thanks to Reba for getting me involved with the Co-op to begin with.

Promote Yourself

LASC Member Jackie Johnson has just opened his own club called the Music Maker Cafe, at 10604 National Turnpike. The name is significant to songwriters in the area. To quote Mr. Johnson, "The whole purpose of the Music Maker Cafe, is to give the many fine songwriters, singers, musicians, and artists of this area a forum in which to display there talents." To receive a calendar of events for the upcoming month, or for more information about appearing on one of the showcases, Call 368-5116 or 366-2376.