Promote Yourself

LASC Member Jackie Johnson has just opened his own club called the Music Maker Cafe, at 10604 National Turnpike. The name is significant to songwriters in the area. To quote Mr. Johnson, "The whole purpose of the Music Maker Cafe, is to give the many fine songwriters, singers, musicians and artists of this area a forum in which to display there talents." To receive a calendar of events for the upcoming month, or for more information about appearing on one of the showcases, Call 368-5116 or 366- 2376.


Want information about the LASC?

Call Louisville Music News at 502-231-5559

Secret Presidental Note

Because we added Bob Rosenthal at the last minute to the list of performers who will play on the November showcase, we have issued a call for some children's tunes. This is for LASC members only and you must have them to us quickly — as in quickly, within a week of publication date.

Please direct your tunes to Paul Moffett. You can call me at 231 -5559 days for more information.