88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them

Pat & Pete Luboff
Writer's Digest Books 1992. $17.95

The flurry of "How-to" books focusing on various aspects of songwriting and the music business has produced a wealth of materials for the aspiring songwriter and (perhaps) some wealth for the songwriters who wrote them. Some of them are worth having and some not. This one is.

As the president of a songwriter organization, my immediate reaction was to copy some selections for certain writers in my organization. I will surely recommend it to writers and use it to refine my own critiques.

The choice of 88 "errors" to write about was obviously cute was well as arbitrary. Each "error" warrants one to two pages, a manageable bite. The headings, which are usually variations on familiar song titles, are very nearly enough to explain all that follows. Each section is tightly written, even the