Corrections & Clarifications

We hope you figured it out, but just in case you didn't, the Bible verse from Revelation that was included in the Bride cover story was the source of Bride's name. Although the verse was included the sentence indicating that the verse was the group's name inspiration wasn't. Our readers are pretty smart. Probably no explanation was necessary.

Well, our readers may be smart, but we don't expect them to be mind readers. So we'll just tell you that the attractive young woman in the photograph with Joe Diffie in our April issue is local singer Lynn Nalley, not Jean Metcalfe, who took the photograph and wrote the story. And . . . our apologies to WAMZ deejay "Road Hazard," who was incorrectly identified in the same article.

Our April story about the Pond Creek Blues Band contained a couple of errors. Allan McGuffey's name was incorrectly spelled, and the date of the March 14 performance at Air Devils was in error.

Our April issue indicated that Webb Wilder would be in concert at Flaherty's Food-Fun-Spirits on April 1. April Fool! No, although we do have a good sense of humor, we wouldn't joke about the date of an upcoming cencert. Actually the Webb Wilder concert will be Flaherty's onMay 7, so you can still catch the "last of the full-grown men."

Sorry, Garland, hope you fill the place with all the extra advance publicity.

Our apologies to writer Kelvin Bailey for changing the spelling of his first name in his album review byline in our April edition.