Drums Are the Hard Part ! ?

By Jeff Hutchins

For most songwriters, writing words to the Next Big Hit is as easy as one, two, three, four.

You've been inspired, and the words just seem to flow like rain down the side of a tree. Verse, chorus, here's the piano, verse, add some flat top here, chorus, big ending, and it's done.

Even when it comes to a home demo most folks don't have much trouble -- except for the drums.

There's an old joke in the music business:

"That's easy enough; even a drummer could do it!"

But just wait 'tilyou try to do what even my 10-year-old son does on the drums! Then things take on a different look:

Do I play the bass drum on one and three, or should I put the snare on one and three? And what about that hi-hat? Who really knows for sure?

Enter THE DRUMMER. An amazing new, extremely handy gadget from those folks at Oberheim.

Simply hook THE DRUMMER to your favorite MIDI drum machine and you've just hired one of the best drummers around to play the drums on your next demo. With 100 different patterns and 100 different variations of each pattern, things just don't get stale. Of course THE DRUMMER will never replace a real drummer and the interaction a real person gets from playing music with other musicians, but THE DRUMMER is as close as it gets to the real thing.

Whether you want rock, country, salsa, tango -- you name it, and THE DRUMMER can do it. Any speed, any time signature, even a drum fill on the fly!

THE DRUMMER is really amazing, sounds like a real drummer, and is very, very inexpensive. So if you need someone to play the drums on your next demo, stop by Music Warehouse and talk to me. I'll introduce you to THE DRUMMER.

(Jeff Hutchins is a Product Specialist at Music Warehouse.)