Have You Heard the One About . . . ?

With this issue we are introducing a new column that we hope you will enjoy. We also hope you will contribute your favorite joke or anecdote for possible inclusion in this new column. Jokes submitted should be about music or musicians. We thought it was about time someone took the heat off the long-suffering lawyers (and more recently blonds/blondes).

For the time being the only reward for using your joke is a credit for being the one who submitted it.

Ronnie Dee, a local banjo player and songwriter who has a keen sense of humor, submitted a number of jokes to us some time ago. He described them as "jokes stolen from everywhere." Here goes:

lLast night I played my banjo until 3 a.m. I would have quit earlier but the guy next door kept banging on the wall for encores.

lUpon hearing that I am a songwriter, people ask me if I have sold anything. Well, last week I sold my radio and TV, and yesterday I got a good deal on my watch.

When talented guitarists Dan Crary, a flat-picker, and Duck Baker, who finger picks, were in town last summer for Kentucky Music Weekend, there was a bit of repartee about their respective styles of playing. Crary told this joke:

l Two young ladies on an afternoon stroll happened upon a frog. As they stopped for a closer look, the amphibian bid one of the two women to draw near. He then whispered into her ear that he was actually a flat-picker and that one kiss from her would return him to that state. After a moment's hesitation, the young lady picked up the frog and put it into her purse. Her friend asked, "Aren't you going to kiss him so that he can turn back into a flat-picker?

"No," the first replied, "he's more valuable as a talking frog."

Thanks, Ronnie and Dan.

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