The Best Band in Louisville is (Still) from Bloomington

By Paul Moffett

The finals of the WQMF/Club Caddy's Battle of the Bands produced a winner on Monday, April 13, despite some last-minute scrambling.

Mere Mortals from Bloomington took home the $1,000 Grand Prize, as well as winning studio time at Mom's Recording Studio. The tune that they cut there will also be played on WQMF for a month. LMNOP collected $200 in second place money.

The finals originally were scheduled to pit two Bloomington bands, Mere Mortals and Chosen Few against one another, but the lead singer for the Chosen Few came down with laryngitis on the day of the event. Organizers had to scramble to find a replacement, finally finding LMNOP, who had lost in the semi-finals, available to play.

Mere Mortals collected a total of $2,200 in prizes during the course of the event. Bud Nichols of Club Caddy's said that he plans to do have a band contest again next year, but with some modifications are in order.