Bob Bahr says:

• Derby Eve will finish at two clubs at about the same time some folks will be waking up. The R. C. Mob never disappoints; their funky Derby Eve show at Tewligan's is sure bet. Tewligan's, May 1. And across the way at Mr. Smalley's place, the New Duncan Imperials will have them dancing in their mint juleps. Uncle Pleasant's, May 1.

• Fifteen Minutes' promo sheet is written in Latin, their reputation is gilt in gold and their fate is in your hands. Show up and decide for yourself if the buzz justified.

Butchertown Pub, May 6.

• Southern Culture on the Skids and Bo Deco is a white trash lineup to singe the hair off your chests — an irresistible double bill of rough rock dipped in sweaty Southern goo.

Tewligan's, May 14.

• Alan Rhody is an ideal person to cast that intimate spell only masterful solo artists can spin. Rudyard Kipling, May 30.