War Hippies

By Paul Turner

Oil and water.

An oxymoron.

War and hippies just don't go together.

The combination certainly elicits an emotional reaction, which is why the name got picked. With the combined talents of Jeff McNichol on guitar, Doug Roberts on vocals and brothers Tim and Andy Brothers comprising a tight rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively, the War Hippies take their playing — and their fans – seriously.

Doing a bit more than just "pulling off covers," the War Hippies is actually a legal Kentucky corporation with stocks and shareholders and the works. With a mailing list of over 500 people at present, a newsletter keeps their fans informed of the band's happenings and schedules in and out of town. It has certainly paid off. That's just one of the tips Jeff has received from his dad, Steve McNichol Of The Rugbys.

According to the band, the War Hippies serves as a most enjoyable way to get through school — for social and financial reasons. School for Jeff and Doug is U of L, while Tim and Andy attend Bellarmine, where Andy holds a 4.0 and is pursuing psychological studies. They all have other longer-term goals than to play music, but for now they are enjoying themselves at this stage of their lives.

Together as War Hippies one year and nine months, the brothers and Jeff have played together for 13 years, although this is their first serious project.

Very much a part of their work is their crew, including sound engineer Ray Stribling, formerly with Molly Hatchet and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Joey Hayden and Tim Slate round out their stage crew.

Besides staying busy locally and out of town, they have a project coming up with Benton Productions and more specifically with producer David Crites. Both the band and their strong following, from Nashville to Ft. Wayne, are looking forward to popping War Hippies in the tape deck.

Catch the War Hippies locally during November:

4 Masterson's

5-7 Golden Nugget

ll Butchertown Pub

12,19 Players

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