Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• For those of you who are interested in getting into the music business, mark November 6 & 7 on your calendar. That's the weekend when the industry will be in town to look at some players and listen to some songs, courtesy of the Louisville Area Songwriters' Cooperative. Read all about it on pages 6 & 7 and sign up now.

• Performers take note: Tuesdays at Uncle Pleasant's will now feature a by-invitation-only open stage, "Rick Wagner and Friends," run by Rick Wagner, open for jammers and sit-ins. No cover, reduced prices, giveaways. Rick wrote to report that several Louisville musical stalwarts have made appearances. Call Uncle Pleasant's at 634-4804.

Word is out that Kinghorse has undergone a "personnel change" to wit, Rat, the lead singer has been retired and the remaining three members are continuing on in some fashion. More later.

The same source also suggested that Sunspring has had a similar problem, but details are not available.

• Somehow I forgot to mention the fabulous event at Clifton's last month, when the Swedish Dixieland Band showed up and played a set. Word came back that it was incredible. Greg Walker managed to get a trip to N'Orleans out of the deal.

Gremlins Stole My Text Dept. Hot Country 103 program director Bruce Logan called to tell me that a line in a story about them had vanished from my last column. Truth to tell, it was never there, because I had left it blank to check on some facts and just forget to go back to it. What I intended to say was that WZKS most recently had sponsored the True Value / GMC Tnick Country Showdown at the Village Pub.

That was not the only mistake in that story, either. Logan said that Stoner Broadcasting leases the station, rather than owning it. I stand corrected.

• Hizzoner the mayor has proclaimed October 3 as Rough Diamond Network Day in Louisville. Rough Diamond is the local music sales and distribution system setup by Cam Flener of the Velcro Pygmies and Bob Bahr, local music writer. RDNW is also circulating petitions at local bars encouraging our local radio stations to play some songs that aren't from national record labels, e.g., local bands' stuff. Sign 'em if you see 'em.

• Word is going around that Cary Willis will be hosting a new local and regional alternative radio show on WQMF. No word yet on dates.

• Musician's Union Local 11-637 President John Roy will serve as Labor Participation Chairman of the 1992 Metro United Way campaign. And here I thought John said he already had enough meetings to go to.

• This item in the column has to be an apology of sorts. A week or so ago, the hard drive in my computer suffered a spasm and, lo and behold, a big chunk of data pulled a disappearing act. In particular, the calendar database was affected, so if you thought you had given us a date to list and it's not there, well, blame the computer gremlins.

Sick Call

• Drummer Ray Dunaway managed to get struck by a motorcycle while out jogging last week. He's out and about on crutches.

• The benefit for Cowboy George on September 14 at the Sahara went well enough, according to the organizers. Haven't heard how he's doing.

• Sorry to learn that Rick Burress of the J. D. Black Band has a serious illness. The band had an album release party scheduled at the Village Pub on September 28 and a benefit for Rick at Yogi's on October 5.