Hit Makers '92

November 6 & 7 is fast approaching. Those are the dates for the Co-op's 1992 Seminar and Showcase, Hit Makers '92. Here are the main outlines and the details that have been finalized to date.

The Showcase

The big change for this year is the Showcase. The Co-op will take over Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium for a three-stage, fourteen-act Showcase. Performers range from single acts to full bands, all of whom are looking for that record deal. The Coop has lined up A&R representatives to look the acts over.

Please note that the Showcase and Seminar will be at two separate locations.

The Bands

The bands who will play on the Showcase were selected back in April and May. They will be playing songs written by members of the Co-op, as well as their own material, plus a cover or two.

Admission is $4 at Jim Porter's and is not included in the package deal. Show time is 9 p.m. midnight.

Ballroom Stage


da Mudcats

Uncle Pecos

Karen Kraft and Kiks

Good Time Room

Sharon Beavers


J. D. Black Band

John Allen Band

Melody Bar

Jackie Johnson

Doc and Mary Dockery

Walker and Kays

Melissa Combs

Rusty Bladen

Londa Crenshaw

The Seminar

The Seminar will be held at the Quality Inn, 100 E. Jefferson St., in downtown Louisville. In addition to the record label representatives, the panels will once again feature reps from the three performing rights organizations, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC; reps from the Nashville Songwriters Association International; publishers, including Music Mill, Benson and others; plus a surprise or two to be announced later. Overall, we expect a panel as strong as last year's and even more diversified.

The schedule includes sessions on industry questions and answers, techniques, lips, tricks and taboos of dealing with publishers and that all important set of opportunities to pitch your songs. As happened last year, you will get at least one song critiqued by the panelists and one song pitched to an industry person with an interest in finding songs to cut. In addition, of course, you will have numerous chances to "network" with the publishers and reps who will be around until 400 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

The total cost of the Seminar and Awards Banquet has not changed from last year. A complete package will cost $55 for non-members of the Coop and $45 tor members. The package inc|udes admission to the Seminar and the Awards Banquet.

This year, the Showcase is a separate charge due to the complexities of staging it at Jim Porters. Porter's gets a portion of the door and the LASC gets the lion's share.

The Panelists

Here is a list of the panelists and record representatives scheduled to be at the Seminar and Showcase. Not all of the A&R representatives are planning to stay for the Seminar, though most of them are.

Joe Tassi, Arista Records A&R.

Buddy Cannon, PolyGram A&R.

Buzz Stone, Liberty A&R.

Kurt Denny, MCA A&R.

Richard Helm, Warner Bros. A&R.

Pat Higdon, Joseph Patrick Music.

Don Dailey, Warer Chappel Publishing.

Tony Haselden, writer of "You Know Me Better Than That."

Debbie Hupp, Grammy award-winner for "You Decorated My Life."

Phillip Mitchell, writer of "Starting All Over Again," Ichiban Records recording artist.

John Briggs, ASCAP Representative.

Clay Bradley, BMI Representative.

Tom Casey, SESAC Representative.

Clarence "Wolf" Spalding, manages K.T. Oslin, Eddie Rabbit and Mike Reid.

Maggie Cavender, Maggie Cavender Emerprises, NSAI Director Emeritus.

Andrea Whitaker, professional manager with Benson Music Group.

Walt Aldridge, Fame Publishing, writer of "Simple Man" and "There's No Getting Over Me."

Donna Beck Michael, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Representative.