Letters to the Editor

Love Jones update

A very belated thanks for the cover story in March. We've been very busy since the first of the year preparing for this move and finally we're all settled in.

So we finally have a chance to write and thank you for the backbone of our press packet.

We have been playing quite a lot here in L.A., trying to develop a following before we start inviting industry people. The response has been great.

As far as songwriting goes, we came out with about 30 songs and have concentrated on those, because they're all new here. We have a lot of new ideas but haven't put the time into working them out into complete songs. We have scheduled some songwriting practices for later in September after we finish a new four-song demo of some older songs we've never recorded.

Finally, we really want to thank the people in Louisville who came out and supported us. They gave us the confidence to make this move and any success we might have in the future is directly attributed to the support we had at Tewligans, Uncle Pleasant's and Butchertown Pub. (Of course, if we bomb out here we can blame those same people for supporting a loser.)

Thanks again.

Barry Thomas

115 Breeze Ave. #3

Venice, CA 90291-3357

(Barry gave LMN permission to list his complete address. "I'd love to hear from people back there," he said.. -Editor.)